Mope is role playing game where you eat other creatures to gain more power.


Scientist In Residence

I am a lapsed scientist, no longer directly involved with the discussion about how the world works. But through this program, I get to be a scientific consultant to a pair of elementary school teachers, helping them design and deliver scientific enrichment to their students. Perhaps I can help explore the mental juggling act of science of alternating between imagining how the world might be and rigorously testing our ideas against reality. I do think that thinking like scientist can help with everyday life, perhaps now more than ever, as we must deal with the endless flood of dubious information.


I volunteered to have my hair cut by Japanese performance artist Yoriko Gillard at the Nikkei Centre. She explores the idea of kizuna, one's connections to others and in this case, issues related to trust. The barber I had in Japan always did an amazing job, and I transferred that trust to her. She was skilled as a stylist, respectful as an artist, and thoughtful as a speaker. I didn't really know what I was getting myself into, but it was an unexpectedly moving, thought-provoking experience. Later, however, my daughter said I looked like the leader of North Korea.