Raymond’s Brain

Welcome to my brain. Mind the crevices and please, no smoking.

You can rent my brain for ideas, words, and pictures. Check out some of the ways I've used my brain in the past, and imagine some of the ways you could use it in the future.

I generate ideas as I breathe. The ones I’ve been paid for involved realizing educational experiences. I can help you with similar projects or anything requiring original thinking.

The words I put together deal with how things or cultures work, produced as exhibit text and published articles. Lately, I have also been experimenting with fiction and stories for children. What would you like me to write for you?

Pictures emerge from the tip of my electronic pen, each worth at least a thousand words. But if you contact me now, I’m sure we could work out a reduced rate.

Current projects

Praise for Raymond’s Brain

“Working with Raymond is always a wonderful surprise. His approach to each new project is fresh and imaginative, leading to results of the highest professional standards.”

—Sheila Hill, Writer & Exhibit Developer, AldrichPears Associates Ltd.

“Raymond’s creativity and innovative thinking were an inspiration to all he worked with. He has the unique ability to communicate complex scientific ideas into everyday language and his dancing skills can put to shame an octopus on a greased floor.”

—Leslie Leader, former Director of Education, Vancouver Aquarium