Dear Chittima


I am sorry that I have not seen you in thirty years and sorrier still that I will no longer have the chance. I write this on the off-chance that you get internet in the Buddhist afterlife. Surely you must be in business class for your warm heart. I cannot imagine collecting all things Snoopy would count as a demerit. Perhaps, like the microscopic nematodes you studied in Amakusa where we first met as fellow foreign students at the marine station, you will carry on unseen yet everywhere. I remember your tiny Thai figure bundled in Snoopy sweaters against what you considered cold, spurting Tabasco sauce like ketchup on your dinner at Ban restaurant. I remember your mother giving food to passing monks from your home in Thailand early in the morning, and having perfumed mud smeared on us during that mad water festival. I remember your kind spirit. Farewell, my friend.

Jim and Andy

This meta-meta movie or perhaps a post postmodern film fascinated me. It combined footage of the original Andy Kaufman, whom I had sort of heard of but never really watched, video that had been hidden away for twenty years by Jim Carrey of Jim Carrey playing Andy Kaufman in Man in the Moon which I never saw, as well as a current interview of a mountain man  bearded Jim Carrey reflecting on the film, his experience, and Andy Kaufman. Trippy. Carrey seemed to have been outrageously ambitious but apparently was not happy when he achieved his wildest dreams. Sad.