The Disaster Artist

This is a meta movie based on the true story of a strange rich guy who makes his own movie, which was unintentionally funny. I don't understand the main character but when he does something weird in the movie, he refers to it as human behaviour, like people are unpredictable. I wonder if Franco, who has done some other weird movies, admires someone who does what wants. The reception of a thing is out of your hands. You might have talent or not, but you put your art out there and let things go as they may.

Interstitial #Curiosity Collider

If Dr. Frankenstein or maybe more appropriately, Mary Shelley, worked at Ikea, perhaps such diagrams of exploded parts, mechanical and organic, might come of it.

Dr. Uchida, one of the collages of female scientists on display, remarkable to me for being a NIkkei.

Disembodied hands manipulating scientific equipment with brightly painted fingernails.

Interstitial, the spaces in between. Filling those gaps of perception and perspective.

You go, women of STEAM

A Midsummer's Equation

I borrowed this audiobook because it was based in Japan and I was curious about it. But it turned out to be even more interesting than I expected, because the main character was a scientist and it took place in a small seaside village. The different levels of jurisdiction and protocol seemed to be very Japanese in its procedures as did the secretive nature of the crime itself, the attempt to keep unseemly matters hidden. The crime rate is very low in Japan but now I wonder how much of that is because people don’t want to talk about things.