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Raymond K. Nakamura, Ph.D.


Want to Rent My Brain?

Getting an EEG to test whether my brain works. It does!

Getting an EEG to test whether my brain works. It does!

Raymond K. Nakamura writes, draws cartoons, and develops fun learning opportunities about science and Japanese Canadian history and culture, when he is not washing the dishes, walking the dog, or helping his daughter with homework.

He blogs and cartoons for Science World British Columbia and Science Borealis.

He is the author of Peach Girl, a picture book that reimagines a Japanese folk tale, published by Pajama Press.

Though born and raised in Toronto, Raymond has lived most of his working life in Vancouver. He earned a doctorate in Zoology on the hydrodynamics of sand dollars from the University of Toronto and a Master’s degree in Marine Ecology on the ecological effects of aggregation in stalked barnacles from Kyushu University in Japan.


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