Hidden Figures movie

This important movie is fascinating for so many reasons. I found it amazing they got an astronaut into space using the limited technology they had. I was appalled at how racial segregation was so pervasive. And it seems absurd that they made such a big deal about women being able to do intellectual work. Some people still try to uphold primitive views, some projects do blow up, and people still suffer discrimination based on race, gender and other distinctions. I go back and forth between being grateful that things have improved and disappointed that they are not better.

what if?

I don’t often envy other people, but this what if? book I have started reading makes me want to be able to think like Randall Munroe, who quit working at NASA to draw cartoons. Let me say more positively then, that he is an inspiration. This is a wonderful book of weird questions, which he explores with splendid reason and imagination. This book captures the spirit of thought experimenting in a delightful and hilarious way.  This could very well inspire some future scientist to figure out some great new idea. Sometimes it is kind of gross. I should admit that.

mak n ming

For my birthday, we went to a small place with a small menu of option one or option two. This was fine with me because when I go for fine dining, I am going for the experience of the extraordinary. I wouldn't know what to choose because what they offered was so beyond my normal experience. I went for the one with more courses. I would not want to eat this way usually, but I loved the chance to be immersed in a kind of performance art of fascinating forms, surprising flavours, unusual textures, and exquisite presentation.

The movie Lion (spoilers)

This film intrigued me, with its exploration of an Indian boy accidentally separated from a poor but loving family, old enough to know what happened, without being able to do anything about it. They glossed over his experience of growing up a brown kid in a white Australian world. As an adult, he is grateful to his adoptive parents and concerned his quest for his past might upset them. My daughter’s circumstances were quite different, but I’m sure we would support her, should she ever wish to explore her origins. I wonder if Google Earth could help with that.

Pacific National Exhibition

This was the last year r can get into the PNE for free. This year, she and her friend wandered around on their own and met back at the appointed place, and almost the appointed time. L and I were able to see things on our own, like the Toy exhibit, giant bugs, and the bees and livestock, which we might have done otherwise, but at least we could take our time and without the whining. I was able to eat chicken waffle and chicken feet. But maybe child supervision would have saved us from buying the expensive Titanium cookware.

The 100 Year Old Man who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

I am loving this story, listening to the audiobook downloaded to my phone from the library, usually while washing the dishes. Every chapter is a delightful surprise, after a spry 100 year old man steps out of the window. We also find out about his past extraordinary encounters with major historical characters. It reminds me a little of Forrest Gump. This story is perhaps more of a parody of human behaviour. I have given talks on Japanese Canadian history, using my grandmother's life to illustrate the major events, and am intrigued by how a long life intersects with historic eras.


I was just reading how even if you don’t remember the details of what you read, it can affect your models of how the world works and your ways of thinking. I had been trying to take notes on the things I am reading or watching, but without a particular project in mind. So it got kind of tedious. Maybe if I write blog posts on thoughts that come up, then it will be a way to mine my internal reservoir. This might not seem so elegant, but maybe I will become smarter with the practise of this blogging practise.