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Vancouver Election

My mother told me that Japanese Canadians didn’t always have the right to vote, so I should never take that for granted.

This year, the Vancouver Election seemed especially complicated with so many independents and new parties.

So I actually read through the blurbs of each candidate. Now I wasn’t that meticulous or thorough but I was looking for impressions.

On my first pass, I eliminated people who supported things I was not so keen on.

Then of those, I jotted down points they made that I agreed with and I sorted them by the number of points I agreed with.

If they were tied, I would review the points and decide which ones I preferred.

So I had a list of people I was at comfortable voting for.

It turned out they were from a variety of parties.

I thank all the candidates for participating.

Congratulations to whomever gets in. I don’t know what they should do, so I hope they can figure that out.