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Mathematics of Weight Loss

in his Tedx talk, Ruben Meerman said he was overweight and so he simply ate less and exercised more, and voila, he lost weight. He noticed that most people do not know where the weight goes when you lose it. He said it was all about converting existing body fat to carbon dioxide and water and some heat energy. He uses some marginally relevant demonstrations with dry ice and liquid nitrogen to illustrate this. So you breathe away weight. I don’t know how this is supposed to help me lose weight, but it was interesting to think about scientifically.

My doctor told me I need to lose weight or else I’m going to have to start taking various medications. But I am not interested in fad diets or spending time weighing out portions. Even though Brian Wansink got in trouble because he didn’t know how to do statistics or something, some of the ideas behind Mindless Eating made sense to me. So I have been limiting myself to one bowl per meal. So far it seems to be helping, but we’ll see.