Eddy the Eagle

I must have been in Japan when Eddy the Eagle soared in Calgary at the 1988 Olympics, but somehow I was aware of his name. He was an antidote to the obsession with owning the podium. According to this movie, despite a childhood handicap, he was obsessed with getting into the Olympics one way or another. Ski-jumping was a semi-calculated alternative path to his goal. His mother encouraged his dreams while his father tried to plaster over them. This kind of follow-your-dream-no-matter-what stories probably inspires a lot of people to get into trouble.


The Search for General Tso's Chicken

The Search for General Tso's Chicken is a documentary about what it says and more. I had never heard of this dish but it is possible I have eaten it. They were saying it is hugely popular in the United States. It was an intriguing history of the relationship of Chinese food in the U.S. Bottom line was that a chef from Hunan where General Tso was an important figure, moved to Taiwan and created this dish. It was copied by a chef who set up shop in New York and apparently has spread and morphed after Nixon visited China.